For happy, free and relaxed
guests at a party.
I’m Evelina Bredikyte, a professional actress. My aim is to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere at events. I break the ice with guests, make fun and friendly jokes and improvise on the spot with pantomime art techniques.


Who is she and why doesn’t she talk?

London Mime Eveline is a unique character who makes parties and events more interesting. Mime Evelina departs from a traditional stage atmosphere and interacts individually with guests relying on body language and energy. She understands that people are different: some are outgoing, others introverts, some are playful and others closed to attention. Thanks to professional training and 8 years of experience in the field, Mime Eveline is skilled at recognizing these personality types and making everyone feel at home and relaxed, She can easily access the group evergy, as well as find the right connection with the different guests. So if you need something and bespoke and unique in the industry – book London Mime Evelina.


  • Meeting and greeting.
  • Creating an appropriate atmosphere.
  • Improvisation during the event.
  • Assisting the event coordinator.
  • Assisting Santa Clause.
  • Participation in promotions.


  • Special Shows connected to party theme.
  • Candy floss making.
  • Balloon shaping.
  • Wedding assistance.
  • Flower and gift delivery.


  • Photography by the photo wall
  • Participation in tv projects


  • Pantomime art steps from ABC
  • Educational Theater Games
  • Body language lecture
  • Behavior in front of the camera
  • Tv and film acting workshop

Performance Hollymood

Hollymood is a video performance and pantomime focused around the character Holly who gets stuck in a film screen.. Not a show in the traditional sense, the storyline is based on old movies such as The Modern Time, One a.m. by Charlie Chaplin, and Rear Windows by Alfred Hitchcock, to name a few. These movies were chosen specially, just the right shots were needed to create our narrative. This genre of performance is innovative and remarkable and the performance is extraordinary, as it has sprung from pure creativity. While one of the actors (Charlie Chaplin) performs on the screen, Holly is live on stage. They interact with each other seamlessly, giving rise to a whole new genre of theatre- video performance.

Hollymood was made by playing and experimenting with video material and combining it with different theater genres - miming, clowning and magic.

The video trailer is available here:






London Mime Eveline - is actress Evelina Bredikyte. She has a degree and masters in Cinema and Theatre and 7 years of acting experience. Evelina can think outside the box and is good at enjoying life. The most important thing for Evelina is to be honest to herself and to others. She is happiest when everybody around her is happy
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